Our Running Groups

We have a wide range of adult running groups, of varying abilities who train and compete throughout the year. The main training sessions are Tuesday & Thursday evenings 6.30pm – 7.30pm, though many of our runners often arrange to meet up informally at other times during the week. Anyone is welcome to come down to the club and find out more about what we do, and how the training sessions work, before making any commitment to join.

However we understand that it may be a little daunting to think about joining a running club if you’re just starting, haven’t run for some time, or just aren’t sure whether you’ll be ‘good enough’ to join a club. If you are interested in running but maybe fit into one of these categories, why not get in touch and we can give you some help and guidance as to which group you could join in with for training. We really do have people of all ages and abilities so there’s no need to worry that there may not be a group you can fit in to, or that you may not be fast enough to keep up.

Our members are a friendly bunch, and you’ll not only benefit from improving your fitness levels but you’ll get support and encouragement from everyone around you.

As a guide on a typical Tuesday and Thursday night we might have the following groups for adults.

Beginners Course: We run a beginners course twice a year. Usually starting in February and September.

Clive Juke’s Group: Select band of mainly ladies  (Guide 12 minute miles)

Fred Smith’s Group: Helped out by Tina Smith and Ian Cresswell quite a large group of keen runners, many of whom are graduates from the Beginners Group. (9 /10minute miles)

Carl Morgan’s Group:  (Pace around 8/9 minute miles). Generally some efforts on a Tuesday and a longer run on a Thursday.

Gwyn James Group:  A group who often meet up at weekends as well with as many are aspiring marathon runners (7/8 minute miles). Gwyn is assisted by Paul Rose

Duncan Davies’s Group: A group who do a mixture of activities including efforts, hill runs, tempo and interval runs. (6/7 minute miles). Duncan does not tell his group what is planned for them until they arrive. “If I told them they wouldn’t come!”

Faster Squad: A group of the fastest middle distance runners in the club. Combination of Track and efforts in the surrounding area.

There are a number of smaller groups: Dave Guest: Looks after middle distance runners on the track. Derrick Harding also looks after a group of middle distance track runners

In addition to this there are other groups that go on the track and for the younger athletes the most senior of these is run by John Abbiss many of these youngsters can beat the best adults., we are also looking at starting a group for runners during the day.

We encourage our members to take part in the large number of fun runs and more serious runs that take place during the year. Some of these are team events, we pride ourselves in taking big squads of runners to these events. There is a vast amount of information available on the internet. One of the best sites is run by Brian Smith at www.westmidlandrunningscene.co.uk  Brian also takes hundreds of photos at these events which are available for download after the race.

Be warned running can become addictive, with members running through-out the week.

Circuit Class: In addition we run a circuit class for all athletes over 14 years of age on a Monday from 6.45pm

Interested in coming to join us?

Please contact Tracy Cresswell  by email tac1970@hotmail.co.uk  or Simon Calrow on 07469 208625 (email simoncalrow@hotmail.com) Tracy is usually at Aldersley on a Tuesday or Thursday night from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Subsidised Membership at WV Active

We have a number of our younger athletes who are competing for the county or at a national level. The council are offering help on non-training nights to use the WV facilities. You and your coach will need to complete the two attached forms.


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