Latest Committee Meeting Minutes

buy modafinil online uk cheap Wolverhampton and Bilston AC Committee Minutes Committee Meeting held 10 May 2018 Minutes of previous meeting – Minutes of previous meeting held on 12 April 2018 were approved by the Chair

  • Team Managers Report – Concerns re Midland League

    • LAG YDL at Stoke – Athletes did well, finished 3rd overall. No relay team for U13 boys. Athletes were a credit to the club
    • UAG YDL at Stourport – women’s team did really well & won the match.
    • Senior Women’s – event was poor due to lack of athletes. 9 seniors who competed in both men and women who came last on the day. Club is too reliant on U17’s to compete for seniors.
    • Currently Clova is having to text athletes and ask them to compete. This shouldn’t have to happen. Coaches need to give Track and Field managers more help. Athletes should let their coach know what events they wish to take part in, the coaches should then report back to Track and Field managers who should then be able to fill out the events for the season. The structure seriously needs to be looked at.
    • Claudio Albanese is to take over the UAG YDL in place of John Abbiss.
  • Health & Safety –
    • Youngster caught finger nail on gate. ALV put tape over gate. Youngsters running down onto track and can fall.
  • Fixtures & Transport
    • Sutton Coldfield YDL LAG U13/U15 – 16-seater, pick up Burntree
    • 27 May Stourport – YDL UAG U17/U20 – 19-seater, 2 pick ups
    • 1 July Solihull – UAG YDL– 25-seater
    • Cheltenham Midland League – change from 25 to 33-seater
    • Nottingham – change from 25 to 33-seater
    • 29 July Derby – 33-seater – cost required for CA
    • Staffs Champs at ALV on Saturday 12 May
    • Triangle League on Sunday at the Dell 13 May
    • Special Needs Olympics at Stoke 12 May
    • LAG YDL at Stourport 19 May
  • New Members/ Resignations/Transfers –
    28 new members, 3 resignations
  • Junior Schools – Jumps and Throws
    • A meeting has taken place between Glen and Nick Shaffery to encourage U13’s to come and try jumps and throws. We would follow the same procedure as the XC. 3-4 helpers would be required. Would take place over approx. 1 ½ hours with Saturday being a preferred day.
  • AOB
    • Officials course at Nuneaton at end of June. H&S is 1st course. If anyone is interested, please let Noel know.
    • Pallets needed for the high jump
    • XC, wants feedback. Also, would like to host Young Athletes XC
    • ALV November closure – we need to find an alternative location for indoor facilities. Possibly look at Aldersley
    • Racing wheelchair is to be returned
  • Date and Time of Next Meeting 14th June 2018 at 8.00pm


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