Latest Committee Meeting Minutes

el Seroquel generico Wolverhampton and Bilston A C Minutes and Action Plan Meeting 14 December 2017

  • Lyrica order form Actions / Matters Arising from previous Meeting –
    discussed by the committee & the action plan was updated
  • Team Managers Report – 
    – Reports from Carl & Trish Morgan were circulated amongst the committee. RB has requested that all coaches could adopt this process as it will save time at meetings and help out for AGM.
    Trish has requested a tent for ladies XC Junior XC. 2nd event held at Worley Woods. Came 2 nd on day, 64 points behind winners Rugby.
    – Jack Pickett ran Birkenhead Parkrun and came in with a time of 16:33
    – Indoors Northern at Sheffield – good performances by all athletes, really pleased with all who competed.
  • Health & Safety –
    On night of AGM, two athletes were hit by a car. An urgent coaches meeting was held
    the following week. It was agreed that 1 member of each group should carry a mobile phone in case of an emergency. All athletes should wear high viz clothing when running.
  • Fixtures & Transport – 
    Turkey Trot Sunday 17 th December
    Staffs Championships January 6 th
    Young Athletes XC – January
    NM – Holding another internal day in the summer, Inc. David Coleman mile. Looking at September
    Fordhouses Fast 5k – April 6 th
    March Hair Raiser – March 11 th
    Coven Canter – October 28 th
    Turkey Trot – December 16 th
    A meeting shall be held in the near future to organise all future races for 2018 and confirm dates.
  • New Members/ Resignations/Transfers –
    12 new members. 0 resignation, 0 transfers
  • Duty of care & Positive Outcomes Mental Health –
    to be rescheduled for January
  • Elected Officers –
    We still have a vacancy for a Senior Vice President. RB spoke to Peter Kelly who
    would be happy to fill this vacant position if the committee were in agreement to this. NM has said we can co-opt him into this position. The committee were happy for Peter Kelly to fill this position.
  • AOB
    – Social membership for the Old Boys – MH will email them to see who would wish to contribute to the club.
    – Noel McKakly has received an email for a new initiative re conduct. It’s a pilot scheme. Noel will look further into this.
    – Wes Campion wanted to set a date for the sub-committee for the membership fees/structure for 2019. Tuesday 23 January, 8pm in Pickens bar was agreed
    – Brian Baird’s funeral was well attended by club members. It was suggested that a run will be put on in the New Year. A small fee will apply. Monies raised shall go to charity and Brian’s father will be invited to come along to the event.
    – Club will be closed over the Christmas period, re opening on Tuesday 2 nd January 2018
  • Date and Time of Next Meeting Thursday 11th January 2018 at 8pm


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