Wolverhampton & Bilston is one of the largest clubs in the Midlands with a tradition of producing International and Olympic Athletes.

The Club nights are on a Tuesday and Thursday evening with youngsters (generally under 10’s) meeting from 5.30pm – 6:30pm and all other athletes from 6:30pm – 7:30pm.

We have 40 Coaches who are England Athletics qualified, have the appropriate child protection clearance and all work on a voluntary basis. There is a comprehensive programme for all youngsters including running, throwing, jumping, hurdling and walking. We hope they will compete for us in Track & Field and Cross Country. We also run groups for athletes with special requirements and adult beginners.

We welcome members of all ages and abilities at the club. Why don’t you come down and join us. You don’t have to join straight-away only when, only after you have done a few sessions and have started enjoying coming to the training sessions. We want you to fit in to the right group, elsewhere on the web-site there is a description of all the training groups and the coaches.

The club’s annual subscription is due on January 1st every year and will be valid until December 31st of that year. Any membership not paid by March 1st will be liable to a £5.00 administration fee payable in addition to the annual subscription. At the end of March we register all our paid up members with England Athletics. If you have not paid by this date you are ineligible to represent the club, or enter races in our name and get the members discount.

The club is run on a voluntary basis. We will not be issuing invoices or reminders the onus is on the member to pay.

You can pay Tracy Cresswell  usually at the desk in the corridor leading to the track on a Tuesday and Thursday between 5.30pm and 8pm. On renewal all athletes are requested to complete a form which is available on the link below or on the desk. If you are joining for the first time Tracy will explain the procedure which also includes prorating the membership if you join mid way though the year.

More importantly Tracy will introduce you to one of the coaches who will look after you when you come down for the first time.

Of your membership £13.00 goes to England Athletics as an affiliation fee. This includes insurance and other benefits which are explained on their website.

If you have questions please contact Tracy Cresswell by email

2017 subscriptions are as follows:

Senior over 20                                 £52.00

Junior (9-20)                                    £37.00

Child (under 9)                                £15.00

Second Claim                                  £37.00

Family membership

2+ Junior siblings (9-20)                  £62.00

1 Parent and 1 Junior (9-20)           £77.00

1 Parent and 2 Junior (9-20)           £102.00

2 Parents and 1 Junior (9-20)         £117.00

2 Parents and 2 Juniors (9-20)        £142.00

All under 20’s to pay an additional £2.00 per session.  Other members who are using the track or training indoors also need to pay an additional £2.00 per session.

You can download the 2017 membership form and complete it before you come along if you want to..

The form for new members is here

The form for existing members to renew is here

If you are joining us from another club you will need to complete a transfer form and this will need to be registered by England Athletics before you can compete for us in competition. This does not preclude you from training with us or entering competitions as an individual. Please look at the guidance and complete the form below.

Athlete’s Guide To Change of Club 2012
Change of First Claim Club 2013

Change of disipline form :Other_discipline_form1

We’ve had a few people join us recently, who are first claim for fell / triathlon clubs.  This form allows athletes to switch their first claim membership based on the events they want to do.  I.e. a fell runner whose club don’t do XC, can join W&B first claim for road running  and XC.   BCT members can’t join us for XC , as BCT also do that discipline, although they can join us for road running. I.e. Road Relays.  The first claim clubs need to agree to the switch, as outlined in the form.

You can also download a separate copy of the photo consent form to give permission for your child to be photographed or filmed, although the membership form does now contain a checkbox for this purpose.

The club is committed to ensuring that equity is incorporated across all aspects of the development. In doing so it acknowledges and adopts the Sport England definition of sports equity. You can download the full equity statement here.

If you are volunteering in any capacity, you need to download and complete the form here