Your Club Needs You Your Club Needs You!

The under 11 Middle Distance development group is rapidly growing and it’s great to see that so many more people are showing an interest in wanting to join this group! However, Paige Campion and Audrey Wilson are looking for someone to come on board to help coach and allow more into this group. You don’t need to be an athlete,  an extra pair of hands is what we need.

If anyone is interested in helping 6:30-7:30pm every Tuesday cheap generic lorazepam please contact robaxin mg dose Paige Campion –

It is not just Paige’s group who needs help, we are desperate for additional help throughout the club.

For all those wishing to compete for the order Lyrica online uk Outdoor Track & Field teams this summer could you also express your interest to the relevant Team Manager:

YDL (lower) Paige Campion – ,John Abbis –

YDL (Upper) Clova Court –,  Ellis Greatrex –

Senior Michael Walters – Clova Court –